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Measure and Increase Your Supporters’ Participation

A nonprofit’s mission is nothing without supporters. Groundwire EngageTM helps you track, analyze and solve one of the most pressing questions for nonprofits: How do I engage my supporters?

Groundwire Engage helps nonprofits monitor their relationships with constituents. From a single dashboard, an organization can visualize the engagement levels of each of its thousands of supporters, alumni, members, activists, etc.

See What’s Working and What Isn’t

Groundwire Engage consolidates information on donations, advocacy campaigns, volunteering, event attendance, board participation and more. This makes it easy to see which activities are most effective.

Clarify Your Engagement Strategy

Groundwire Engage comes with a Strategy Guide to jumpstart your engagement program, as well as the tools to implement and measure effectiveness.

Turn Followers into Donors, Donors into Leaders

By segmenting your supporters according to their levels of engagement, you can approach them in a more relevant way. This allows you to move people up the engagement pyramid.

Say Thanks at the Right Time

Our exclusive Gratitude Machine alerts you when supporters deserve recognition. This sends positive feedback, motivating your supporters to get more engaged.

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Currently only compatible with Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Groundwire Engage is:

  • Always up to date with your latest supporter activites
  • Fully integrated with your Campaign, Contact and Opportunity records
  • Designed for simple list segmentation
  • Highly customizable to fit your engagement goals and data conventions
  • Built around a proven model of engagement strategy
  • Based on Salesforce.com, the cloud platform used by 140,000+ companies worldwide